Everly by Bear McCreary

Everly by Bear McCrearyWith Everly by Bear McCreary is one of the most outstanding composers out there. His training comes from the late Elmer Bernstein ; as you might be aware Elmer was a master craftsman when it came to motifs and so his knowledge passed by. Bear McCreary had his chance scoring Battlestar Galactica: The Miniseries along with Richard Gibbs. After BSG was picked up for a season Richard Gibbs stepped out (due to a professional choice) hence we got McCreary on board. The rest is history really, his talent and music has been evolving ever since and now almost 10 years since his inception in the composing world we have his newest cd, Everly.

For those of you who hasnt seen it yet, Everly is an action thriller that revolves around revenge, gangs, prostitutes and did I mention Salma Hayek? So the question that springs to my mind is, what about the score? As previously stated McCreary has evolved a lot since his last forray at the BSG world and the music while making some instruments connections everything you know about him is gone.